The Health Benefits of Ginger

Please note that these are not official medical claims by The Ginger People®, but rather some traditionally accepted beliefs about the benefits of ginger along with mention of some scientific studies. For medical questions please consult your physician. 
Nausea - Ginger can treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness.
Anti-Cancer - Studies at the University of Singapore have shown that ginger may be a cell modulator in cancer cells. Shogaols, a constituent found in ginger, exhibit potential in suppressing cancer cell invasion and inflammation in breast carcinoma cells.

Circulation Stimulator -  Studies at Cornell University revealed that gingerols, an active ingredient in ginger, prevent abnormal blood coagulation, which improves circulation and guards against heart attacks. While improving circulation, ginger reduces blood cholesterol levels by improving liver function.

Digestive - Called “The Great Medicine” by ancient Indian vaids, ginger has been shown to improve gastric mobility (i.e. it helps push food and waste through the digestive system) and hinders the absorption of cholesterol.

Aphrodisiac - Ginger has been used in Eastern medicine as a libido stimulant for centuries. It is thought that libido is improved thanks to ginger’s effects on improving circulation and blood flow and increasing energy levels.